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Come wind or high tide… Daring to sail anyway!

In a difficult economic setting that is beginning to show positive signs, Creaform succeeded in reaching encouraging results for Q1 and Q2 (25% growth over 2008, compared to the competition’s degrowth (Metris -61% and Faro -41%)).

More good news: on Thursday September 3rd, during an evening cruise on the St. Lawrence River, Creaform celebrated the new partnership between Creaform, Novacap and Desjardins Capital – two important financial players in the province of Québec.


Indeed, both financial companies became stakeholders of Creaform last June. With their support, Creaform is in excellent position to pursue its growth to reach 120 millions in sales over 5 years, through organic and external growth.


Through innovation, passion and determination, we are committed to get there!


Article written by Creaform

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