Creaform’s new tool for human body scanning!

What a great news! Creaform is confirming today the acquisition of InSpeck: a company that manufactures and markets 3D scanning system specialized in human-body scanning. This will enlarge (and complement) our set of tools in order to satisfy the needs of our multimedia customers (and others like medical, plastic surgery…). Concretely, this will allow Creaform to offer a scanner perfectly suited to digitize all parts of the human body: head, hands, half-body and full body scans. No invasive techniques are used to acquire the data (you don’t have to touch the person) and the scan is done in seconds!

This could be really useful for scanning actors’ faces for movies and video games (since they don’t want to spend the whole day with the 3D artists…). Here are some examples from the digitalization of baseball players:

Alez RodriguezDerek Jeter

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