Efficiency for pipeline integrity assessment!

Blog post updated on May 29th 2018 for Pipecheck’s latest features.

How do you measure the efficiency of a pipeline inspection process? Do you look at a single portion of a process or at the overall solution? In my opinion, the answer is complex. Increasing efficiency of a single step does not necessarily make the complete process shorter! In fact, some choices, sometimes made from an economic point of view, can have a major impact on projects’ efficiency. For instance, choosing the wrong technology can increase the calculation time before getting usable results so much that you won’t even use the device in your projects.


More sophisticated solutions for pipeline inspection

As the Pipecheck product manager, I have noticed that customers want integrated solutions for their applications. This is why we work hard to manufacture 3D measuring and scanning devices combined with powerful analysis devices and software. What the industry needs pushed us toward the development of even more sophisticated solutions to enhanced end-users efficiency. In short, we focus on three major aspects: Scan – Analyze – Report.

Pipeline Integrity Assessment with Pipecheck

Three steps to get the job done quickly by users with a minimum of training.

How do you measure efficiency? At Creaform, we create it!

  • By creating new technologies with ground breaking 3D performances.
  • By developing reliable assessment tool.
  • By reporting results in the convenient report format.
  • Basically, by looking at every single step of a process, enhancing each of them, while monitoring the impact on the entire process!

Stay tuned for the next Pipecheck release announcement… It’s coming soon to change your assessment capabilities.

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