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Experienced application and measurement technicians implement your customer-specific project

White 3D representation of an automotive assembly line with workers using MetraSCAN HandySCAN MaxSHOT HandyPROBE and C-track

Did you know that Creaform has implemented more than 10,000 measurement technology projects and engineering service projects worldwide in the last 15 years? Customers include leading international manufacturers in the aerospace, mass transit, energy, leisure items and consumer products sectors.

The multinational and multidisciplinary Creaform team carries out customer-specific projects worldwide with portable and automated measurement and scanning solutions. Services with portable Creaform 3D scanners can be implemented directly at the customer’s site or in the Creaform measurement technology laboratory. For projects in the field of automated quality control, the German branch in Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart has the CUBE-R 3D scanning machine available.

The engineering department is always available for general engineering services and offers support in design and product development, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, numerical simulation, and more.

White Lamborghini Huracan in a workshop being scanned by employee with HandySCAN 3D scanner next to laptop

Range of services

In principle, companies rely on their suppliers to create and deliver parts that are in accordance with the dimensions. If these deviate from the specified dimensions, problems arise when assembling components or assemblies. Companies therefore often subject the components they receive from their suppliers to internal quality controls or have them checked by service providers.

Creaform’s services include:

  • 3D scanning of objects for a wide variety of construction, quality assurance and creative applications. The result of the 3D scan are triangular meshes in STL format.
  • 3D scan of large objects using a long-range scanner, e.g. buildings and facades, measurements of factory halls as a basis for machine installations, etc.
  • Reverse engineering for further processing of the 3D models in CAD systems. The result is 3D models, e.g. in STEP or IGES format as well as in native formats: The data output can be compatible with all common CAD systems, e.g. Catia, NX, Pro / E, Solidworks, SolidEdge, etc. Creaform also offers reverse engineering for external data (e.g. point clouds and STL data) independent of 3D scanning.
  • Quality control, e.g. target / actual comparisons between 3D models and real objects as well as extraction of dimensions according to the 2D drawing (by probing or by scanning)
  • Robot calibration of 6-axis robots using the Creaform devices and the partner software RoboDK.

Technology integration

A seamless integration of portable measurement technologies into the business environment is of great importance for the entrepreneurial success of any manufacturer. At the customer’s request, Creaform develops mechanical measuring devices, system brackets and structures for optimal integration and use of the Creaform devices. Furthermore, the Creaform measurement technology service specializes in the development of special applications based on the Creaform software. Whether it be for specific or simplified user interfaces, automated evaluation phases or dynamic tracking – we develop special applications for a variety of requirements.

That was a quick overview of our services. You are welcome to contact Creaform for further information.

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