Giving Back to the Animal Kingdom Through Virtual Gaming

Virtual gaming is now ready to give back to the animal kingdom thanks to a series of free online games that allow players to sponsor a specific charity. As a result, instead of ending up with virtual gains that can be of little use, virtual gamers can actually give back what they have won through site owners. That way, revenue generated through online advertisements is given back in whole or in part in various ways to the animal charity of your choice. In a period where a slow economy is hitting charitable organizations hard such donations put a positive spin on the everyday operations of animal charities and allow feeding and caring for the animals. In addition, the only action that is required is for players to show up and join the dance.

There are a number of such free online animal-loving games, starting with Joy Kingdom. The latter will transform your winnings in food donations to an animal shelter. Its “You Play. Animal Wins” slogan is dead-on and there is even a Facebook app for you to join in the fun. There’s also Freekibble, which was based on the idea of an 11-year-old girl who was looking for a way to do her part for homeless cats and dogs. The online game allows you to provide for these beauties just by playing the daily pet trivia contests. Freekibble also boasts an iPhone app for go-getters who have less time to spend in front of their computer.

Here’s a cheap way for you to prove your love to animals without actually reaching into your pockets. Who said too much virtual gaming was negative anyways?

Source: The Huffington Post

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