Google’s New Body Browser Application!

Google just launched “Body Browser,” a WebGL application that lets users explore a high resolution, interactive 3D model of the human anatomy–from the skin down to the nervous system.

From what we saw, we can tell that it’s a very accurate and instructive application. We were very happy to find out that Creaform is going pretty much in the same direction with its line-up of Creaform 3D Body Digitizers. Indeed, Google Body Browser’s first view (the skin) could have been acquired with a MegaCapturor!

Mmmm, let’s daydream for a bit…imagine a partnership between Creaform and Google that would lead to an improved version of the application allowing any Google user to browse his own body, after a quick stop in one of Creaform’s MegaCapturor Body Scanning Station!

Google, we’ll be waiting by the phone! 😉

UPDATE: has launched a free  interactive “Human Body Maps” tool. We find it very interesting and complete!

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Harley Gershey

The penmanship refinement is higher-ranking and the import is relevant. Thanks benefit of the acumen you cater the readers!

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