HandySCAN 3D: 3D Scanning Adrenaline Rush in A Polaris Slingshot

SEMA Show 2019 is coming soon, and Creaform team could not be more excited to be back! Year after year, businesses, and enthusiasts from the automotive aftermarket industry gather in Las Vegas for four days to discover and present products, technologies and new trends for the years to come. The organization reported about 3,000 new parts, tools and components were introduced in the market last year and 70,000 buyers attended. SEMA is definitely a must see in the industry and is no ordinary tradeshow!

Quick And Reliable 3D Measurements On The Go

You probably remember 3D Scanning Anywhere, a series in which we took our handheld 3D scanner in the most uncommon places to challenge its portability, simplicity, and accuracy. Inspired by this project, our team in Las Vegas last year wanted to repeat the experiment on their own. SEMA seemed to be the place for it! The idea came after one of our project managers took a ride in a Polaris Slingshot and thought it was the perfect setup for a portability test of our HandySCAN 3D™. Since this was not originally planned, everything had to be prepared rather quickly. They even managed to borrow a camera from GoPro to record in the car (thanks to their great team)!

SEMA Show Polaris Slingshot Racetrack

After taking two minutes to set up VXelements™ and the HandySCAN 3D, it was finally time to get in the Slingshot. Not only were they challenging its portability, but the experiment was also time sensitive. They had about two minutes to get in the vehicle, apply positionning targets, do the 3D acquisition, and remove the targets. These targets track the part in space so measurements remain unaffected by your motions. This guarantees accuracy no matter the user experience and the environment.

HandySCAN BLACK: Better, Faster And More Versatile Than Ever

It took 58 seconds only to scan half the helmet while they were drifting at high speed all around the racetrack. The result was surprisingly good considering the environment, the sun, and some shiny surfaces. Not to mention they had our legacy HandySCAN 700. Now imagine the results we could have gotten with our improved HandySCAN BLACK launched in April of this year. With our previous technology, shiny or black surfaces without prior preparation (i.e. mattifying spray) and sunlight could be an inconvenience. You don’t have to worry about any of that no more. It is now one of the most versatile 3D scanners out there. Thanks to a combination of great improvements — blue laser technology (check our 3D laser scanner buyer’s guide), improved optical hardware, and an advanced algorithm — it captures more and better data than ever before.

In addition, you can now count on ISO certified metrology-grade measurements. Regardless of your setup, you get repeatable 3D measurements at 0.025 mm (0.0009 in) of accuracy. Our improved software also automatically generates a high-resolution mesh to capture even the smallest details and optimize your workflow.

HandySCAN 3D for automotive aftermarket industries

Don’t miss out on your chance to discover everything about the new HandySCAN 3D and the Go!SCAN SPARK™, completely reimagined to be the fastest 3D scanning experience! Come and meet Creaform at SEMA Show 2019 to learn all about our new portable 3D scanners for aftermarket parts and product development. Our team will be at booth 16611 to give demos, answer questions and discuss with you.

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