MOCAP: An important invention for movie and video game industries!

Motion Capture is the term used to describe the process of recording movement and translating all the movements into a computer graphic model. The MOCAP is used to enhance the quality of the movements in a lot of movies and video games. For example, James Cameron used the motion tracking for the facial expressions and the body language in his movie Avatar.


Benefits of MOCAP:

  • Faster than traditional animation (Key frame-based animation)
  • Complex movement and realistic physical interaction, it is easy to capture
  • Movement precision
  • Cost reduction for movies or video games work flow

The MOCAP methods started with a photogrammetric analysis tool. When you use Motion Capture, the person has to wear markers near each joint of his body to identify the movement by angles or positions between the targets. The markers are the acoustics, the inertial, the light-emitting diode (LED), the magnetic or the reflective markers, or combination of all of theses.


I think with the new technologies you can achieve perfect details to make video games and movies more realistic. Let’s check a video to better understand the impact of motion capture!

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