Pipecheck 5.0: Giving Smaller NDT Service Companies the Tools to Play in the Big Leagues

Traditionally, smaller NDT service companies had a hard time playing in the big leagues with major NDT inspection firms and even a few pipeline owners. This was not because they didn’t have the expertise in conducting pipeline integrity assessments or providing accurate pipeline inspection reports. The reason resided mainly in their lack of equipment and tools to perform full-length pipeline inspections. In the past, only a few service companies had the in-house technology to accurately and efficiently assess long pipes of more than 10 ft. But what if a pipeline owner needed NDT reports or pipeline inspection data analysis on pipes over 20, 30 or even 50 ft? Pipeline inspections had to be carried out over longer periods of time—and often with more staff—to complete NDT data acquisition projects.

Until today.

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Now, NDT service companies, no matter what their market share or number of employees, can now offer full-length pipeline inspections and generate NDT and pipeline inspection reports for pipeline owners looking to better and more accurately assess their pipeline infrastructure. Creaform’s Pipecheck 5.0, the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use and affordable NDT software on the market for pipeline integrity and pipeline safety assessment, now allows users to analyze corrosion and mechanical damage on pipes that measure up to 60 ft. Not only can they scan longer pipes but they can also crunch the numbers faster and provide more in-depth, accurate and repeatable pipeline inspection data analyses. Pipecheck 5.0 offers unprecedented agility for NDT inspection companies to beef up their services offer and cater to potential clients that were previously unattainable.

Accurate, repeatable and fast pipeline inspection reports for pipelines of up to 60 ft are now within reach. Learn more about Pipecheck 5.0.


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