Pipeline Integrity Inspections: Accuracy Must Trump Speed Every Time

Accurate pipeline inspection

NDT inspection companies are facing mounting pressure from both sides of the pipeline management spectrum. On the one hand, regulatory authorities and advocacy groups are demanding that pipelines be thoroughly inspected and tested to guarantee the pipeline integrity and safety for citizens and the environment. On the other hand, faced with costly downtimes due to integrity assessments, operators want pipeline surface inspections to be carried out as quickly as possible. Striking the perfect balance between conducting accurate pipeline inspections and getting pipelines back in service in the shortest timeframes possible is a challenge NDT inspection companies constantly face.

While getting pipelines fully inspected and backfilled in record times may lure NDT service companies to complete their pipeline surface inspections faster, this approach is far from ideal. For one, measurements are often taken in very harsh conditions, which can generate faulty measurements—and in turn, a bad diagnosis. In addition, technicians of varying skill levels may mean that certain aspects of pipeline surface inspections may be missed. Opting for speed rather than accuracy sets NDT inspection companies up for inaccurate data that can, in turn, lead to profit-gouging maintenance and repairs for the clients later on down the line—or worse, cause dangerous situations that are harmful to people and the environment.

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Creaform’s new version of Pipecheck, version 5.0, is the most sophisticated NDT software on the market for pipeline integrity and pipeline safety assessment. It automatically allows NDT service companies to accurately perform on-site inspection, detection, and characterization of internal and external pipe defects, including corrosion and mechanical damage. Historical data can even be uploaded for even more in-depth analyses.

Pipecheck 5.0 can also acquire surface data of up to 60 ft., which means NDT service companies of any size can carry out long pipe inspections. However, what makes Pipecheck 5.0 so unique is that while it allows users to conduct highly accurate pipeline inspections with unmatched repeatability, it does not compromise on the speed of data processing, analytics, and reporting. In other words, fully compliant pipeline integrity and pipeline safety inspections can be achieved in times that don’t drastically affect clients’ schedules—or bottom lines.

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Want to learn more? Get more information on Creaform’s approach to accurate pipeline inspections and Pipecheck 5.0 by visiting our website.


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