Pipeline Owners to Benefit from Latest Advancements with Creaform’s Pipecheck 5.0

Today’s pipeline owners in the oil and gas industry are under a lot of pressure to deliver. Not only must they respond to governmental regulations and advocacy groups about the integrity and safety of their pipelines for both humans and the environment, but they also have to keep their operational expenditures in check. However, conducting pipeline inspections for oil and gas pipeline maintenance is one thing. Carrying out accurate, reliable, and repeatable pipeline assessments is a whole other ballgame.

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That is why Pipecheck, Creaform’s complete pipeline inspection software, has been dominating the NDT market. It offers an intuitive interfaced and advanced NDT features to inspect and detect both pipeline corrosion and mechanical damage. Thanks to highly accurate, reliable, and repeatable results, Pipecheck users gain peace of mind knowing that their pipeline inspection reports quickly pinpoint what repairs need to be conducted and what weaknesses need to be monitored. Furthermore, Pipecheck allows pipeline owners to have confidence in their pipeline inspections reports, fully comply to strict standards—and prove their commitment to citizen and environmental safety.

Pipeline owners are nevertheless faced with costly inspection downtimes that can wreak havoc on operational expenditures and timelines. In addition, decision making can be marred as pipeline integrity engineers are worried about the veracity of integrity measurements, particularly on aging infrastructure or generated by junior technicians.

However, Creaform has just introduced game-changing Pipecheck technology that will take pipeline integrity and safety assessments for oil and gas pipeline maintenance to a whole new level. Pipecheck 5.0, the latest version of Creaform’s NDT pipeline inspection software, offers unprecedented ease of use and speed to generate highly accurate, reliable, and repeatable pipeline inspection results. Users can more quickly identify potentially damaging corrosion and dents on oil and gas pipes that span up to 60 ft.—an industry first. That means that pipeline owners can now conduct full-length pipeline inspections with the efficiency and precision of smaller inspections, without having to pay skyrocketing manpower to get the job done. Furthermore, Pipecheck 5.0 complements other NDT pipeline inspection software, ensuring end-to-end visibility and management of pipeline owners’ most valuable assets.

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Are you a pipeline owner or NDT manager looking to improve your pipeline integrity and pipeline safety assessments without breaking the bank? Learn more about Pipecheck 5.0 and what it could mean for your business.

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