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When it comes to cars, what comes to mind when you think about Sweden is mostly the good old, reliable, sensible Volvo. But are the exciting, luxury, sporty vehicles only reserved to the fiery Italians or car-obsessed Germans? Not quite. Meet Christian von Koenigsegg, the Swede who founded Koenigsegg Automotive.

Koenigsegg One

Since he was a little boy, Christian had a vision: to produce the ultimate, most perfect super car, which he calls “hypercars”. Creating his company at the tender age of 22, he finally carried out this mission in 2002, when he began producing the CC8 model. Even today, Koenigsegg cars often find themselves breaking speed records and are highly acclaimed among experts and connoisseurs alike.

The company still makes their cars to order, each one a sleek, handcrafted machine of speed and performance. The average price of these beauties? About $1 million each.

Through the process of designing and perfecting these engineering marvels, it comes as no surprise that Koenigsegg is always seeking to leverage the best technologies available. In this video, you can see Christian discuss how 3D scanning and 3D printing is used within the state-of-the-art car manufacturer’s workflow.


(Featuring Creaform HandySCAN 3D, which makes a guest appearance at 1min. 45sec.!)

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