Tour of VXelements – Mind the Gap

VXelements includes a slider which aims at simplifying the life of its users when it comes to producing a cleaner output with our scanners. Located in the facets node of the project tree, its label is fairly self-explanatory: Fill Holes.

The slider will automatically fill in the smaller holes which may have been left on the part by either a slight lack of data, a bad scan by the user or a place which might be inaccessible for the scanner.


If you have a VIUscan and that you acquired some texture on the zones where the holes are filled, the real scanned texture will be applied to this surface, rather than an interpolation of what might be located at that place. Again, one step closer to the final result.

It will not fill in the larger gaps but rather concentrates itself on smaller holes which often result in long manual filling in post-processing software. Use it smartly and you will be much closer to your final result than you were before.

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