An insider’s peek into working with American Magic

There comes a time when a company gets to work on a project that promises to impact and inspire a whole new generation. A project that is likely to go down in the engineering history books. A project that Creaform can proudly say: “We were on board.”

And that time has come! Creaform is immensely proud to assist New York Yacht Club American Magic, a professional sailing team and a U.S. Challenger for the America’s Cup, in designing a brand-new AC75 racing boat. The AC75, which sails with a crew of 11 at unprecedented speeds, will be a sailing masterpiece and a sports trailblazer. The America’s Cup is the highest prize in sailing and the oldest trophy in international sports.

Tapping into Creaform’s metrology expertise

When Creaform was initially contacted by American Magic, we were all thrilled at the opportunity to support such a world-class team with our metrology expertise. The goal? To help American Magic design, scan and benchmark the performance of components in their foiling 75-foot Mule that, when it reaches a certain speed, undergoes a jaw-dropping transformation. It literally rises up on hydrofoils and flies across the water.

The project was all about accuracy and efficiency. Accuracy was of the essence. Time was of the essence. There was no room for unreliable data or missed deadlines; after all, American Magic has to run a tight ship to be ready for the race in 2021.

Vincent Goudreault, one of Creaform’s many talented 3D metrology experts worked with the American Magic team as well as partners from a variety of different fields related to sailing and engineering.

Getting results with Creaform’s 3D measurement solutions

He scanned aerospace-grade carbon fibre components and carried out in-depth analyses as to how they interacted with each other, how they impacted the Mule’s performance, how tweaks in the components’ design could make a huge difference.

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