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What the Industry Needs

During their first months of life, several children will unfortunately develop plagiocephaly issues characterized by a flattening of some areas of the head. The problem is generally considered benign, but an intervention must be made very soon in the life on the infant or will otherwise become permanent. In order to correct the problem, the technician needs to make an orthosis that will progressively correct the toddler’s head and bring it back to its originally intended shape. To do so, the infant’s head need to be measured so that accurate 3D measurements can be acquired and used to create a custom-moulded cranial remolding orthosis. The baby will need to wear this orthosis for much of the day each day, and the progression of the reshaping will be monitored through the duration of the treatment and corrective actions will be applied if necessary.

Advantages of the HandySCAN 3D Solution

Using the HandySCAN 3D technology to capture the shape of a baby’s head will provide clinicians with a simple, easy to use, fast and accurate 3D modeling solution. Turning to scanning methods will also prevent the use of plaster for moulding, a technique that may turn out quite traumatizing for a young child.

The generated 3D files can also easily and securely be transferred over the internet allowing several remote clinics to send their files to a single fabrication location where the production can be optimised to get the most out of the CNC machines. The captured 3D data can also be stored on a hard drive for future use and prevent the use of a warehouse.

The use of 3D data also increases the analytic capabilities of the clinician by allowing comparison between 3D data taken during the process.

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