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Oil and Gas Inspection - 3d Modeling For Phased-array Ultrason

The oil and gas, petroleum and petrochemical, power generation and pipeline industries are under constant pressure to ensure 100% maintenance of environment and health and safety practices.

Phased array testing and imaging (PA) is an advanced method of ultrasonic testing used in NDT inspections. Phased-array focal law simulation is used to predict the inspection results and optimize the probe and wedge configurations. Inspection of complex components using a 2D matrix or an original drawing can be challenging. When a 3D model is not available, the 3D model usually comes from a CAD file or a theoretical model construction. However, the actual component’s shape varies from ideal theoretical models, and therefore affects the ultrasound scan quality and probability of detection. Therefore, generating an accurate 3D model of the part to be inspected can greatly improve the quality of your UT testing, especially when you factor in the true positioning and sizing of the defects on the part.

Creaform’s NDT systems help oil and gas operators and pipeline engineers to inspect these complex structures, including complex components in the energy, petroleum and petrochemical and power generation sectors.