Pipeline In-line Inspection (ILI)

What does the industry need?

Pipeline operators are always torn between doing what is required to guarantee public safety, and the economic impact of digging areas where no repairs are needed after all. Direct assessment techniques are used to confirm measurements from in-line inspection tools. These tools are not always accurate and sometimes, require recalibration. Service companies spend a lot of time trying to correlate data between ILI tools and pit gauge (or any other direct assessment tool) to qualify the tool performance. To properly assess the performance of the ILI tool, pipeline operators must carry out year-over-year statistically significant population analyses with a device that offers better accuracy than magnetic-flux leakage (MFL) technology.

Benefits of the Pipecheck solution

Creaform implemented a visual interface to perform in-line inspection correlation with the data acquired by its HandySCAN 3D scanner. The Pipecheck software solution offers the possibility to associate the corrosion and dent features scanned with the HandySCAN 3D with the ones identified by the ILI tool. Associations are automatically created when features are overlapping, and custom associations can also be computed. The software outputs an Excel report with visual graphics and tables detailing these associations. The software additionally identifies clearly unmatched features. The user interface is completely optimized to compare depth, length, width and even burst pressure. The Pipecheck solution equipped with the HandySCAN 3D offers the most efficient, reliable and accurate direct assessment tool on the market!

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