A New Medical Application for the Handyscan 3D

May 19, 2010

Creaform, a world-class company in 3D technology and engineering services, is proud to announce that the Handyscan 3D scanner will be used for an innovative application in the medical industry: the creation of external breast prostheses that are perfectly adapted to the body of breast cancer survivors. Further, Creaform supports the Genarosa project of Québec City La Piazzetta restaurants, aimed at raising funds for the pilot project testing this new technology.

A breast cancer survivor often goes through a period of grief when she has undergone complete or partial removal of one or both breasts. The survivor often wishes her silhouette to show feminine curves again, without undergoing a new invasive and potentially painful procedure. The solution offered by the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec, an external breast prosthesis that is adapted to the body, offers an alternative to those survivors.

Using a Handyscan 3D laser scanner from Creaform, the chest of the patient is scanned with a bra arranged such that it shows the desired profile. The resulting 3D model is then used to create a comfortable, customized prosthesis, tailored to each patient.

Le Soleil, a Québec-City daily newspaper, has published this article (in French only) in its May 19th, 2010 edition, and the press conference was featured in a televised report (in French only) at Radio-Canada.