August 17, 2011

As you know, Creaform works tirelessly to maintain its position as a leader and groundbreaker in 3D digitizing. This is why we are proud to launch the 2nd worldwide edition of the PUT US TO THE TEST 2011 challenge.

By entering this contest, you have the opportunity to make the project you've always dreamed of a reality! You know, the project that you've been cherishing for ages, and for which time, human resources and/or required technology you simply couldn't find...

Among the candidacies received, we will pick the 3 most challenging of them to put our 3D Engineering skills to the test...once again.

• One (1) Nothing is impossible! prize ($20,000 value)

• Two (2) Consider it done! prizes ($2,000 ea. value)

Whatever your industry or the scope of your project, we are eager to push back our limits whether we're talking 3D scanning, long-range scanning, inspection, reverse engineering, design or FEA.

Dare to submit your project, even if you are convinced that it is mission impossible! Picture the possibilities ahead of you if you were to be picked out!