Creaform User Experience Enhancement Program

Program Participation

When you participate in the Creaform User Experience Enhancement Program, you help Creaform to improve the overall user experience and software stability.

Once you provide your consent to join the program, your data will be collected and analyzed to establish aggregated usage trends and determine crash causes, fix issues, and create solutions. The more data we receive, the better we can build Creaform products to fit your future needs and the better the user experience will be.

Although Creaform strongly recommends that its users participate in this program for their own and other users’ benefit, participation remains voluntary, and you can opt out of the program at any time. The overall system performance will not be affected by program participation.


Types of Data Collected and How it is Used to Improve the Overall User Experience

Creaform’s software will send data that contains software option settings, system parameters, and computer information in real time to Google Analytics when there is an active Internet connection. If the software is used without an Internet connection, no data will be transferred or stored on your computer.

If the software option “User experience enhancements” is left unchecked, then the data is only sent to Creaform if the application crashes and you agree to send it. If the option is checked and there is an active Internet connection, then the data is sent in real time to Google Analytics.

Data collected is used to analyze hardware and operating system trends for future release versions. Data is also used to link crashes to potential software system parameters and option settings in order to identify, resolve, and explain technical problems. The following data are collected:

  • User location
  • Software language
  • Software parameters
  • Product Type (NOT the serial number)
  • License Type (NOT the serial number)
  • Size of scanned object (resolution and number of triangles)
  • Computer manufacturer
  • Computer model and hardware specifications
  • Video card manufacturer and driver version
  • Operating system version
  • Software version
  • Software session user interface command sequence


Privacy Protection

The Creaform User Experience Enhancement Program does not collect any personal data, nor does it acquire any information about the model geometry and images or the usage of applications or activities that relate to the intellectual property of your scans that would enable the reconstruction of your scanned data.

Data collected is treated confidentially. Creaform is committed to protecting your privacy and uses industry-standard controls to ensure the security of the collected data. The information collected by the Creaform User Experience Enhancement Program is handled in accordance with Creaform’s Privacy Policy.

You can change your participation in the program at any time by clicking "Configure, Options, User Experience Enhancements" and checking or unchecking "I wish to help improve Creaform's software by sending anonymous usage data."