Chrysler Donates Two 3-D laser Scanners to the Fondation du CHUQ for CHU de Québec’s Breast Prosthesis Project

July 19, 2012

(3BL Media) Quebec - July 20, 2012 - The Fondation du CHUQ and Chrysler Group LLC met on July 17th at Hôtel-Dieu in Quebec City, along with the people behind the custom-fit breast prosthesis project, to confirm the donation of two 3-D scanners. Once used for creating automotive components, the scanners are being repurposed to help women who have undergone complete or partial removal of one breast and who wish to get an external prosthesis to replace the lost breast. Creaform, manufacturer of this technology, was the link between its client, Chrysler Group LLC, and the Fondation du CHUQ to make this donation possible.

A dream come true for the epithesy team
For Ms. Louise Desmeules, Epithesist at CHU de Québec, and Dr. Gaston Bernier, Epithesist and Oncology Dentist, it’s a big day. Since 2010, the team has been working to develop an external breast prosthesis service, one that is complementary to facial prosthesis. “For many women, breast reconstruction is not possible for different personal and medical reasons. The standard off-the-shelf prosthesis is not always adapted to the patient’s needs. Women who have undergone partial removal need a custom-fit prosthesis that will stay in place well and fit perfectly with their remaining breast,” explains cancer survivor Louise Desmeules.

Another step begins
Thanks to Chrysler Group LLC’s donation, it will now be possible to start phase two of the project. After training and prototyping, the team will be able to start making experimental prosthesis. “Chrysler is proud to support the important work CHU de Québec is doing to help meet the needs of breast-cancer survivors,” said Jody Trapasso, President of The Chrysler Foundation. “With so many women affected by this disease each year, Chrysler is committed to doing its part to help make a difference.” This donation represents savings of $25,000 for the project.

Creaform, a precious third party
This South Shore, Quebec, company manufactures the scanners behind this important contribution. In fact, Creaform has been the link between its client Chrysler Group LLC and CHU de Quebec. The company made sure the equipment was calibrated according to hospital environment needs and that the epithesy team had a license to operate the scanner. Geomagic, the software provider, agreed to supply the software and site licenses for free.

About The Chrysler Foundation
During the past 59 years, The Chrysler Foundation has established a proud legacy of enriching the physical, educational and cultural needs of local communities in which Chrysler Group LLC conducts business. Chrysler employees also have a strong commitment to helping improve their communities by volunteering their time and talents in the places where they live and work. The Chrysler Foundation embodies the values of the company and its employees and, since its inception, has awarded more than $500 million in charitable grants.