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A Guide to Industrial Metrologists

8 mai 2018

A Guide to Industrial Metrologists

How the manufacturing industry can increase productivity with automated quality control Traditional metrology consumes a con-siderable amount of time and effort. Because traditional equipment is not located on the production floor, workers must move components to the measuring room to carry out inspections.

Lire (Optik & Photonik, April 2018)

22 février 2018

Robotic Inspection Lands In Advanced Aerospace Manufacturing Plant

Safran recently showcased their landing systems manufacturing and assembly operations with the release of a video titled “Birth of a Landing Gear”. The video includes footage on its installation of a Robotic Inspection System carrying out metrology checks to the main landing gear strut. The Robotic Measuring System comprises an ABB robot, Creaform MetraSCAN 3D integrated with Metrolog X4 i-Robot metrology software.

Lire (Metrology.news)

1 décembre 2017

De nouvelles installations plus vastes et modernes pour soutenir la croissance de Creaform

Lire (Industrie & Commerce - Novembre / Décembre / Janvier 2018)

30 novembre 2017

Creaform: les moyens de ses ambitions


Lire (Le Soleil)

2 octobre 2017

Hand and eye

3D quality inspection benefits from optical and contact metrology. Laser scanning has come a long way over the last few years. Fueled by advances in information technology and the continuing march toward Industry 4.0, the devices have become more accurate and more affordable, capable of gathering millions of data points much more quickly and easily. The process has become steadily more intuitive, requiring minimal training, and the software has continued to enable more functionality and improve existing processes. Compared with contact metrology, laser scanning is undoubtedly faster, more portable and capable of gathering a much greater volume of data points in a single pass. But there are unique use cases for each kind of metrology. A 2016 article on Engineering.com referred to a poll that found users of laser scanning technology valued it for accuracy, speed and portability. Other advantages include colour capture/high definition resolution, cost and ease of use.

Lire (Shop Metalworking Technology, October 2017)

9 juin 2016

Pôle techno culturel

Québec compte l'une des plus fortes concentrations de centres de recherche au Canada avec près de 6 000 chercheurs et 400 laboratoires, instituts et centres. Creaform fait partie du pôle technologique de la Ville de Québec.

Lire (Québec Centre. No 1, p.28)


21 septembre 2015

Redefining NDT with 3D scanning

Dekra Industrial, a french specialist in NDT for the petroleum industry, has found that 3D scanning is a more flexible alternative to conventional NDT.

Lire (QMT Magazine. September/October 2015, p. 38-39)

Creaform Robot Cell ScanMaster

1 septembre 2015

Mesures Mécaniques : Creaform multiplie les partenariats autour de la 3D

Spécialisée en mesures 3D, la filiale d’AMETEK conjugue son expertise avec les technologies complémentaires d'autres concepteurs innovants, en l'occurence AGT Robotics et Stratasys.

Lire (Mesures, Septembre 2015, p. 27)

Creaform en aérospatiale

27 avril 2015

L'aérospatiale demeure un secteur majeur pour Creaform

L'aérospatiale demeure un secteur majeur pour Creaform. Lisez l'article paru dans le magazine Produits pour L'industrie Québécoise (PiQ).

Lire (Magazine Produits pour L'industrie Québécoise, Avril/Mai 2015, p.10-11)

10 mars 2015

SolidVision showcasing the MetraSCAN-R at MSV International Manufacturing Exhibition

Video by SolidVision featuring 3D scanning with the MetraSCAN-R at the MSV International Manufacturing Exhibition 2014 at Brno, Czech Republic.

Lire (SolidVision (3Dskenovani) YouTube account)