3D analysis of forklift truck cabins

The 3D scanner has significantly improved the company’s ability to analyze and measure new products.

Analysis of template of lifting jack protector in VXelements

For over 50 years, Forghieri  has specialized in the design and manufacturing of cabins for forklift trucks. The company is also a leader in the production of flat and curved tempered glass for use in various industries, such as automotive, construction, furniture, household appliances and shower enclosures.

The quality of manufactured products represents one of the strengths of a growing, future-ready company capable of responding promptly to market demands. This is the reason why quality assurance and quality control play such an important role in the production process. This was the driving force behind Forghieri’s search for a measurement system that could conduct precise and reliable inspections, quality control on new products, or check whether components were within tolerances. Previously, when measuring complex steel structures, it was difficult to understand the interactions between the different components and correct problems when the components were out-of-tolerance. The company decided to invest in MetraSCAN 3D scanner technology and in the easy-to-manage, entry-level dimensional inspection software module VXinspect.


Blue and green screenshot of sheet metal in VXelements with colormap deviations shown


Sheet metal scan inspection report in Italian

Example of scan of an overhead guard with colormap showing the deviations in VX elements

The company was having some issues with the production of a new driver’s cab for one of its major customers. To check whether the steel structure, and subsequently the finished cab, were within tolerances, both were measured with the MetraSCAN 3D scanner. After the initial measurement, the necessary modifications were made to the structure to ensure a finished product that was within tolerances.


Scan of welding mask and related screenshot of scanning software in VXinspect

Forghieri currently uses  MetraSCAN 3D and VXinspect mainly for the inspection of new products or in the event of quality control problems.  These tools have greatly improved the company’s ability to analyze and manage new products.


Forghieri logo

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