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3D is ready to take center stage

You’ve all heard the buzz over Avatar over the Holidays for a number of reasons, the sheer budget of the film being one. However, what’s directly interesting us is the use of 3D and what it means to us in this business.

Going 3D in Avatar

Going 3D in Avatar

In the meantime, surfing on the same wave, is what happened at CES 2010. For those who have not been following the Consumer Electronic Show, we can say that 2010 was either the year of the Slate or the Year of the 3D HDTV.

At the same time, we’ve seen 3d camcorders, 3d blu-ray players and 3d gaming slowly coming up. That’s a lot of 3d for one single person!

The amount of consumer products integrating 3D in one form or another clearly shows that the manufacturers are ready to sell 3D technologies. As manufacturers of 3D scanning devices, we can only be excited with the new perspectives that these devices bring to the table. On our side, we have seen that 3D technologies definitely have a place in the industrial world,the next logical step is that the general public to step in this third dimension. It may take a while, but I definitely think that we will somehow get to that.

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