Creaform ACADEMIA’s 3D scanning solutions help researchers and teachers in Czech colleges

For years, Creaform has been dedicated to the educational sector, providing advanced 3D scanning solutions and software to enable researchers to conduct advanced research and teachers to train the engineers and designers of tomorrow.

What is Creaform ACADEMIA?

Creaform ACADEMIA, the company’s affordable educational solution suite, includes a wide range of 3D measurement technologies for many different fields of learning, including science and engineering, applied sciences, industrial design, natural sciences, archaeology, as well as research projects and university service centres.

For teachers, Creaform ACADEMIA features easy-to-use tools and didactic material to allow students to better understand metrology principles and get valuable hands-on experience with professional-grade ACADEMIA 3D scanners. ACADEMIA software is also available to extensively teach about reverse engineering and inspection methods.

For researchers, Creaform ACADEMIA provides powerful metrology-grade 3D measurement technologies (3D scanners or portable CMMs) and other complimentary add-ons for industrial research projects. As with the teaching offer, Creaform ACADEMIA for researchers is also comprised of Creaform’s reverse engineering and inspection software modules.

Creaform ACADEMIA takes on the world of research and education in the Czech Republic

3D Scan, one of Creaform’s strategic partners in Europe, has been making impressive inroads with 3D measurement technologies in educational institutions and research centres across the Czech Republic. Multiple projects have been completed or are currently underway with many of Creaform ACADEMIA solutions. Read on to learn about these amazing projects!

Teaching 3D scanning and metrology to Czech students

  • SPŠ,SOŠ a SOU, a vocational school located in Czech city of Hradec Králové, recently taught students how to use the ACADEMIA 10 3D scanner, along with VXmodel software, to scan students’ statuettes in order to make a copy of them using 3D printers.
Yellow 3D model of a statue of a boy in VXelements Statue of a boy and a smaller 3D printed model
Classroom filled with students working on laptops with 3D printer and various objects in the foreground Blue 3D scan of a smiling person in VXmodel
Student using an ACADEMIA 20 scanner to scan a white and yellow glass artwork 3D printer in the process of printing a 3D replica of a glass artwork
Student in front of computer while another student uses ACADEMIA 50 scanner to scan a turbo charger on a table in the background Student using ACADEMIA 50 scanner to scan a piston head on a table
Statue of a woman siting with a snake swallowing her head 3D model of the statue sectioned for production scaling Scaled up reproduction of the statue sitting on a wood pallet

Conducting fascinating research thanks to Creaform ACADEMIA

Researcher using a Go!SCAN 3D scanner to scan concrete test sample on a table in front of a laptop 3D model of the scanned concrete test sample
  • The VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, a polytechnics university in the Moravian-Silesian region, conducted research on an electric car and performed numerical simulations with Creaform’s HandySCAN 3D | BLACK 3D scanner to determine the effects of weather conditions on the vehicle.
Small black and white electric vehicle in a workshop HandySCAN 3D BLACK series 3D scanner on a laptop displaying the 3D scan of an electric vehicle in VXelements
Blue 3D scan of a human cranium in VXmodel Blue 3D scan of a man torsoin VXmodel
Person using a HandySCAN 3D BLACK series 3D scanner to scan a crankshaft on a table next to a laptop displaying the scan in VXelements Blue 3D scan of the full motor in VXmodel

To better prepare students for their future careers and assist researchers in their cutting-edge projects, universities and colleges need to rely on the most advanced metrology equipment and software available. With Creaform ACADEMIA, educational institutions can offer specialized training and tools that leverage the tremendous potential of 3D scanning in numerous industries and sectors. The only limit to teaching or using metrology is educators’ imaginations!

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