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Creaform Technologies… Take the Road!

An educational caravans, riding on the roads to reach people wherever they are.

Here is (another) way our 3D scanning technology is reaching people in ways we would have never thought of… As part of educational caravans, riding on the roads to reach people wherever they are. Our Go!SCAN 3D technology is currently included in two such projects: one in the US, and one is Germany. Here is a little information on both laudable and exciting initiatives.

The Mobile Classroom (USA)

The Mobile Classroom (USA)

This project took form over a very simple need: the manufacturing industry is now on the rise in the US, after a rather long slump, but finding skilled workers is a significant challenge. Hence, a non‑profit organization, the Visionary Center for Sustainable Communities, came up with the idea of a caravan, the Mobile Classroom, that would move around the country and raise awareness about the manufacturing industry, while also presenting career opportunities.

The caravan visits various events and shows, offering workshops and providing access to tools and solutions that help workers better understand the different aspects of manufacturing. Interested visitors can thus learn more about areas of expertise such as additive manufacturing, robotics as well as modeling/simulation. On a recent outing for instance, the Mobile Classroom informed about 150 transitioning and active military personnel and their families about manufacturing career opportunities and types of work available. In the “classroom,” people can handle the equipment such a 3D scanner and a 3D printer, as well as discuss with and learn from field experts.

The Discover Industry (Germany)

Stemming from a lander (state) government initiative, this project rather specifically targets youngsters, a.k.a. the engineers of tomorrow. In a country where industrial production is still a major economic driver, preparing the next generation of workers is especially crucial.

Once parked and deployed, the caravan, called the Discover Industry, offers 100 m2 of space on 2 different levels. The van visits schools in the Baden-Wurttemberg region (in the western part of Germany), bringing along all kinds of technologies as well as a physicist and an engineer specializing in coaching young students. They aim at presenting technology‑related professions in all their diversity and interest.

The Discover Industry (Germany)

Among 5 different workshops and hands‑on demonstrations of product development in the industrial world, students can try 3D scanning, thanks to Creaform technologies. Kids can scan an object, create a 3D model and grasp the basics of real‑world applications, for instance component reproduction or quality control.

With the addition of a 3D printer in the caravan, students can even print small objects to take home. Way to spark interest and imagination in young minds!

As partner in these projects, Creaform lent each of the caravans a Go!SCAN 50 scanner and provided all the necessary software, accessoires, training and support. A contribution we were so happy to make in order to make 3D technology accessible to a wider group of people and perhaps help them improve their lives!

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