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Creation process of a tree branch with 3D scanning technology!

P1000766_1I am really happy when I receive projects completed by users of the Handyscan 3D scanner. Artist Rino Côté created an aluminum sculpture in the shape of a tree branch for Sherbrooke University in Canada. For Rino Côté, this branch represents lightness and vitality. It is full of life and promise for the future, much like students.

Creation process of a tree branch (sculpture):

  • 3D scanning with the Handyscan 3D
  • Enlargement to 40 feet using a post-processing software
  • Shaping the 40-foot branch in M.D.F.(structure)
  • M.D.F. parts are covered with plasticine to create the surface texture
  • A silicone mould supported by a plaster coating is formed on the part
  • The mould is opened, cleaned and ready for the wax casting process
  • The wax moulds are sent to a melting room for casting.
  • Once the moulds are cast in aluminum, the parts are assembled, the finishing touches are done and the surface is prepared for the patina coating
  • Holes are threaded for anchor rods
  • The patina is to be created with oil paints.

Wow! What a beautiful piece of art using 3D scanning! See other pictures below.



Article written by Émilie Girard-Tremblay

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3D Scanner

Thanks for documenting the steps in this 3D scanning job. Very impressive and the results are stunning. I'm always intrigued by the uses of 3d scanning tech in the real world