Enhancing 3D Scanning with Photogrammetry

It was to be expected that we would talk a lot about photogrammetry after we’ve launched the MaxSHOT 3D optical coordinates measuring system. But it’s OK, since what we have to say is interesting!

11Product manager Dan Brown wrote a new column published on Quality Digest Online explaining how to enhance 3D scanning with photogrammetry…Here’s a sneak peak:

Improvements to the intrinsic parameters of a system are limited to the technology itself, and there is only so much that can be done with that. On the other hand, there are some ways to improve the accuracy of the positioning device and ultimately lower the error rate of the global 3-D measurement.”

Read the complete column.

Article written by Creaform

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Wow! very interesting.

pedro gonzalez

quisiera saber en que formato esta la geometría, y cual es la posibilidad de pasarlo al formato CAD? estoy trabajando con un simulador físico llamado comsol y necesito trabajar con geometrías compatibles.

Isabelle Roy

Es posible exportar .txt archivos con X, Y, Z coordenadas, así: 0.01306962 -0.02769774 0.02108545 0.00137 0.00280 -1.61091 1.0000000000 100000 1 229.62698385 -0.02007865 0.01376680 0.00286 0.00214 -0.02657 1.0000000000 100000 2 4.20170646 237.39326060 0.02457554 -0.00207 0.00009 -0.02273 1.0000000000 100000 3 Los X,Y,Z son las tres primeras valores de cada línea.

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