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Improving the quality of agricultural cabs using the HandyPROBE portable coordinate measuring machine

What happens when traditional measuring arms no longer fit the bill when it comes to 3D measurement accuracy and flexibility in production environments?

That is exactly what happened to Agrikon KAM Kft, a Hungarian-based manufacturer of vehicle cabins primarily used in the agricultural industry. With over 380 employees, the company has been developing agricultural cabs for over 40 years and is consistently experiencing double-digit growth year after year.

Agrikon uses HandyPROBE portable CMM from Creaform for its needs in quality controlPhoto credit: CNCMedia. Creaform’s HandyPROBE portable CMM and C-Track optical tracker provide 3D measurement accuracy and flexibility in production environments.

Having established major partnerships and with its clients’ increasing demand for high-end cabs, Agrikon KAM Kft decided to transform its manufacturing environment by eliminating cumbersome measurement arms. The company was looking for a 3D measurement solution that would allow operators to take accurate measurements right on the production floor of both small and large parts of up to 3 meters.

That’s when Agrikon KAM Kft turned to Creaform.

Creaform HandyPROBE offers 3D measurement accuracy and flexibility in production environmentsPhoto credit: CNCMedia. Creaform’s first generation HandyPROBE shown above offers freedom of movement when it comes to getting measurements in rugged manufacturing environments.

Creaform’s HandyPROBE portable coordinate measuring machine was the perfect solution for Agrikon KAM Kft’s needs. For one, as an optical solution, it completely eliminated the need to perform quality control in a lab. The HandyPROBE can acquire instant and highly accurate measurements right on the production floor—regardless of how harsh the environment is. In fact, Agrikon KAM Kft was amazed at the HandyPROBE’s single point repeatability and volumetric accuracy considering the rugged manufacturing environment. See HandyPROBE’s updated technical specs here.

What’s more, the HandyPROBE does not have to be recalibrated each time operators change positions thanks to its sophisticated dynamic referencing feature. Easy to learn and easy to use, the Agrikon KAM Kft team was up and running in no time with the HandyPROBE.

The end result? Agrikon KAM Kft was able to slash measurement times, improve measurement accuracy, and boost its products overall design and quality.

You can view a video about Agrikon KAM Kft’s use of the HandyPROBE here:

Article written by Creaform

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