Let me be a 3D fashion victim!

Why should I refrain from writing about 3D technology? Well…maybe because I’m no engineer nor technician?…But see, over the 3½ years that I’ve been working at Creaform, the marketing gal that I am got to ask all the questions possible about 3D, with the end results that I did become somewhat knowledgeable 😉 and that the topic grew on me to the point where it pushed me to outdo myself. Dear, am I being poetic, or what…

In the early beginnings, I thought that 3D scanning could only be used for automotive or aerospace purposes, but I learned very quickly that it wasn’t the case – at Creaform, we are active in many, many industries. As time went by, I came to discover new and very interesting applications of 3D scanning: from heritage preservation to medical care to special effects in movies, the possibilities are virtually endless! 34

During a photo shoot where my flat foot was chosen as a “model” for our ERGOscan laser scanner brochure, I had this flash: if it’s possible to scan my foot to manufacture customized orthesis, why not scan my entire body to manufacture tailor-made clothing?

This was the starting point for my research on 3D scanning in the field of fashion. I was quite surprised to find…so little information on this topic. Aside from Geomagic Fashion , that is (ah-ah-ah).

At one point, I dug out the website of Selfridges & Co, a store that resells tailored jeans by scanning the client’s body! The process takes about 10 seconds, and the jeans created perfectly matches the fabric chosen; you can even add embellishments to it! After that, you go home and wait 4-8 weeks to have your perfectly-tailored, unique jeans delivered! *Sigh* Unfortunately, the store is in London, UK – too far from home!

I also found a blogger that scanned his childhood treasures and other objects dear to his heart, printed them on a 3D printer and made a charm bracelet with them…this has given me so many ideas!

This would be so great if I was a psychic and could see into the future to see if 3D technologies will make a real breakthrough in the fashion industry…What do you think?

In the meantime…we all have to go the old way: go shopping and keep in trying on clothes until we find the ones that fit like a glove!

Article written by Émilie Girard-Tremblay

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Émilie Girard-Tremblay

Hello! If you are interested, read the article about 3D clothing in the November/December publication of Time compression magazine on the website. This is the link: http://www.timecompression.com/articles/getting-fit-faster-clothes-that-is

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