Powerful scan technology for restauration works, digitization of art pieces and customizations

R-Lab is a digital fabrication center that helps craftsmen, artists, designers, and architects who would like to have a flexible, quick and affordable solution of fabricating their models, prototypes and small series of products. The goal is to help to sustain the craftsmanship by offering them a modern technology solution. R-Lab offers them an end-to-end robotic milling service to fabricate their objects. The robots in the fabrication center can mill and carve almost everything from a vast selection of organic materials based on their 3D image.

The design project

Hugo Drubay's installation called “Un Jardin d'Interieur”In the past months, R-Lab worked with the French designer and artist Hugo Drubay in preparation for the Design Parade 2019, one of the most beautiful French interior design contest. “Our role was to produce the wooden furniture for Hugos’ installation called “Un Jardin d’Interieur” (Indoor Garden) at the exhibition, that took place from 27- 30 June 2019 in Toulon, South of France. The project combined a 3D printed floor in ceramics and a wooden bench and stool produced by us using 3D scanning and 5 axis milling technology. To meet the concept of the project as the real nature creations, we have scanned the real wooden branches with the Creaform 3D scanner Go!SCAN 3D together with the software VXelements (modules VXscan and VXmodel). The branches were then milled with a 5axis Stäubli robot”, explains Romain Colnet, Founder and CEO of R-Lab.

“This is one of the most powerful scan technologies. It is very user friendly and our designer was able to learn the technology very quickly. Also, since we are in the art and design industry, where small details count, it is very important to use such a powerful tool as Creaform 3D scanner. We wouldn’t have been able to give such realistic curves to the parts needed for the projects. With the Go!SCAN 3D we could meet to one hundred percent the requirements of the artist. With this successfully delivered project we entered the world of art competitions and we had a great exposure to the famous designers and artists in France. Creaform’s 3D scanners add a great value to our service offer. We see many applications in restauration works, digitization of art pieces and customizations”, states Romain.

Hugo Drubay won the National Furniture Award and this successful participation offered R-LAB a major exposure to the greatest French designers such as Mathieu Lehanneur, Noe Duchaufour Lawrence and others. The project was also mentioned on Mobilier national and IDEAT e-magazines.

Hugo Drubay winning the National Furniture Award

The installation including the furniture that was produced by R-LAB is exposed in Toulon, France until the end of summer. R-Lab is planning to continue collaborating with Hugo on his next projects.

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