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Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium: improving analysis methods with the Handyscan 3D

As part of a measurement campaign targeted toward carbon electrodes in reduction furnaces, Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium wanted to follow up on its different electrode consumption mechanisms and optimize them, in order to better identify its electrode consumption reduction needs, and analyze the different possible solutions from an economic standpoint.

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Rio Tinto wanted to study the variation in electrode wear levels according to several parameters, including carbon vaporization at the tip of the electrode and its reaction with the mineral. A previous study conducted in 1989 had made it possible to establish a wear pattern for electrodes. The current research team wanted to compare the 2012 results with those from 1989, but also optimize the parameters in order to reduce electrode consumption, since those are extremely pricey. To do that, they needed a typical electrode profile, at different stages of its useful life.

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