Sampling and Part Approvals of EPP Molded Parts

The HandySCAN BLACK Elite 3D scanner has become an integral part of quality control

Black EPP part on a table being scanned with a HandySCAN BLACK 3D scanner

Flatz GmbH from Lauterach, Austria, is the market leader for system solutions in the packaging sector and produces corrugated board, insulating solutions, EPP moldings, and pull containers.

For its quality control workflows, Flatz faced the challenge of having to accurately measure increasingly complex contours of technical components, particle foams, and tools. The surfaces can be matte to glossy, with part sizes ranging from 100 mm to 2500 mm. Therefore, the company decided to acquire modern measurement technology to meet a complete range of quality control requirements.

The HandySCAN BLACK Elite from Creaform was the perfect solution. This portable 3D scanner can be used flexibly with an accuracy of 0.025 mm. It can also quickly and accurately measure components of any size, with matte to glossy surfaces in real time. Prior to acquiring Creaform’s new measurement system, Flatz used tape measures, calipers, U-bolts, and similar tools to take measurements.

Bernhard Guldenschuh from Quality Management remarked: “We received excellent training from Creaform, which directly addressed our measurement requirements. We were able to quickly put together a team that can now take measurements on a wide variety of components at any time, if required. Product approvals can now be carried out without any problems.

EEP part approval

Black EPP part on a table

Flatz GmbH had received an order to produce an expanded polypropylene (EPP) part with a size of approximately 250×300 mm for a new customer. It was to be installed on an injection-molded part. EPP is a thermoplastic material that is particularly environmentally friendly and easy to recycle.

The finished EPP part was mounted on an injection-molded part, which was then to be built into a complex device. The EPP part was designed to protect the interior of the injection-molded component. After sampling, however, there were problems with the fitting accuracy of the part. The customer was unable to install the part. The EPP part produced was scanned with the HandySCAN 3D and compared against CAD data in PolyWorks. It quickly became clear that the injection molded part had the wrong dimensions. It was subsequently adjusted and the EPP part could be installed.

Yellow 3D scan of the EPP part and anchors in VXelements

3D scan in Creaform’s VXelements software


Areas of application for the HandySCAN BLACK at Flatz

2 workers of Flatz checking a a part

The HandySCAN 3D has become an integral part of the sampling and approval process of components at Flatz. It is used for technical component assessments, inspection of complex tooling, and checking dimensional accuracy. It can be used to quickly verify that a part fits, and provide results on part accuracy.

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