Why portable CMM arms will not overcome 21st century measuring challenges

We have created a new infographic White Paper summarizing data presented at the 2012 CMSC International Conference. This new tool highlights the clear benefits of portable optical CMMs and dynamic referencing over traditional CMM arms, in a highly visual way.

Portable CMMs have revolutionized the world of metrology, bringing inspection tasks right into the production line, as close to the part as possible. But this huge improvement is not without its own set of challenges. This White Paper explains how portable CMMs compare to traditional CMM arms, and underline how portable optical CMMs truly are the future.Arm-Free CMM

In this White Paper, you will learn about:

  • The main obstacles to high-accuracy measurements faced by metrologists in production environments
  • The results from a lab experiment comparing a CMM arm (8-feet polyarticulated arm) and a portable optical CMM (HandyPROBE), and how the HandyPROBE retained its accuracy despite background vibrations
  • The surprising impact of operator-related errors and how these affect the quality of measurements
  • The benefits of dynamic referencing and how it can help you overcome challenges and ensure accuracy.

By guaranteeing accuracy in all measurement conditions and by reducing operator-related errors, dynamic referencing truly can exceed specifications offered by traditional CMM arms. Can you afford less-than-accurate measurements? See for yourself how portable CMMs can exceed traditional CMM arm specifications.

To download our White Paper infographic, please click here or on the image below.


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