Handyscan 3D Sneak Preview: Creaform shifts to 4D and Pre-Releases the VIUscanTM 3D Color Scanner

August 11, 2008

Los Angeles, August 12, 2008 - Creaform, developer and manufacturer of the well-known Handyscan 3D line-up of handheld and self-positioning laser scanners, once again pushes the limits of portable 3D scanning and introduces its newest and most innovative product: the VIUscanTM, a self-positioning handheld and high resolution portable 3D color scanner.

The VIUscan color laser scanner can achieve hyperrealistic results thanks to features such as simultaneous texture and geometry acquisition, real-time rendering, true color acquisition through a built-in lighting system, adjustable uniform texture resolution and automatic 100 percent-accurate texture mapping.

Like its fellow scanners from the Handyscan 3D line-up, the VIUscan is a very accurate, easy to learn and use, and versatile device. Most likely, the VIUscan will prove extremely efficient and powerful in the heritage preservation and museology, multimedia, gaming and entertainment industries, not to mention e-marketing and Web development applications.

Companies interested in having early access to this new color scanning solution can write to info@creaform3d.com for more information and visit see the promotional video at https://www.creaform3d.com/en/metrology-solutions/portable-3d-scanner-handyscan-3d.


About Creaform

Creaform is a world-class technological company offering 3D digital solutions with offices in Canada, the United States, France, China and Japan. Creaform combines every 3D process and technology with innovative solutions that can cover the entire range of 3D needs: 3D scanning, reverse engineering, inspection, styling, design & analysis, digital manufacturing and medical applications. Our wide range of products and services as well as our advanced training program are intended for companies from the automotive, aerospace, biomechanics, consumer products, education, heritage preservation & architecture,  and multimedia industries, among others.

Creaform has developed and sells the Handyscan 3DTM line of products, which includes the REVscanTM, the EXAscanTM and the VIUscanTM. These revolutionizing self-positioning handheld 3D laser scanners provide real-time 3D rendering visualization and generate files that can be exported to most CAD platforms. Due to its true portability, versatility and precision, the Handyscan 3DTM line of products makes 3D scanning more simple than ever.



Contact: Isabelle Roy, Marketing Writer, iroy@creaform3d.com, 418.833.4446 # 217