Creaform releases Pipecheck 4.0 with new wizard to facilitate use


October 12, 2016

This new version of Pipecheck provides unmatched ease of use for NDT technicians and users of all levels.

Creaform, the worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, today announced that Pipecheck version 4.0 will soon be available.

Building upon Pipecheck’s powerful and highly accurate NDT software for pipeline integrity assessments, this latest release features major interface enhancements to provide incomparable ease of use for technicians of all levels of expertise. Whether they’re beginners or seasoned experts, any users can benefit from Pipecheck 4.0—and at any point during their assessment workflows.

Pipecheck 4.0 features a simple Pipecheck Wizard, which will enable users to take advantage of:

  • Guided corrosion and mechanical damage assessment workflows, with step-by-step processes based on what the customer is trying to accomplish; Pipecheck 4.0 offers pre-configured workflows and the ability to custom-build simplified workflows to save for future use.
  • An enhanced, user-friendly interface, which carefully explains parameters and the steps a user is currently undertaking.
  • Tips and tricks to optimally use Pipecheck as well as generate fast and accurate results.

Pipecheck 4.0 will help to reduce learning curves and training times so that engineers and technicians can quickly use the solution for their mission-critical NDT needs.

“Pipecheck has been renowned in the industry for its speed, accuracy and flexibility for generating 3D measurements for pipeline corrosion and mechanical damage analyses,” explained Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie, Product Manager at Creaform. “Now, we’re bringing a new level of usability to the table. NDT service companies can now rely on a sophisticated software module that is unbelievably easy to use for all types of on-site inspections as well as detection and characterization of pipe defects. Pipecheck 4.0 will help gather the critical information service companies need for safer decision making.”

Pipecheck 4.0 will soon be available for ordering. To get a first-hand look into this new version, sign up for one of our webinars on November 15 or 17, 2016.