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Introducing the MaxSHOT 3D optical coordinate measuring system, a new complementary product that adds the accuracy and speed of photogrammetry to the wide range of applications already possible with creaform technologies, especially when it comes to larger parts.

Reverse engineering with VXmodel and SOLIDEDGE

Reverse engineering with Creaform’s 3D scanners and software is fast, accurate and easy to do. Here’s an overview of the steps required to use our products, from data acquisition to the preparation for 3D printing or 3D modeling.

Pipecheck Software - Guided analysis workflow

Pipecheck offers very fast data processing that generates instant, on-site results in Excel format, showing increased accuracy and repeatability vs traditional methods.

Improving the quality and speed of part inspections in the aerospace industry

Founded in 1991 and based in both Canada and the US, Alphacasting has quickly become a worldwide leader in precision investment casting, pouring more than 120 different types of alloys, including aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, bronze, titanium and other exotic alloys.