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CMM OR PORTABLE METROLOGY | How to Choose the Most Effective Measuring tool

THIS WHITE PAPER EXPLAINS: The problems and impacts of limiting quality control to the CMM. Explores complementary portable solutions. Provides QC managers with guidelines to facilitate the migration of quality control to the production floor.

How to solve productivity issues with automated quality control

This guide aims to present solutions, in the form of best practices, that will help quality engineers and managers solve their productivity issues and guide them through the implementation of an automated dimensional inspection solution for their at line and inline metrology applications

Are you ready to implement portable optical metrology?

Assess your QC and QA processes in 10 easy questions. Start solving your productivity issues and optimizing your manufacturing process.

Metrology-Grade Manufacturing

This infographic demonstrates Creaform's metrological rigor, from its rigorous specifications, conformity to industry standards, extensive product acceptance tests, and more.

3D scanning and 3D printing: Learn more about Product Development 3.0!

In this new infographic entitled PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT 3.0, we invite you to explore and learn about the 3D scanning and 3D printing universe!

Understanding portable 3D scanning technologies

Entitled Understanding portable 3D scanning technologies, this new eBook provides an in-depth exploration of the ever-evolving world of portable 3D scanning: the latest innovations, what defines portability and the different positioning methods. Key concepts covered inside this second eBook of the series include: Dynamic referencing, True portability, Self-positioning, Positioning through targets, Positioning through natural features, Hybrid positioning and Matching 3D scanning needs to positioning methods

An introduction to 3D scanning

In this new ebook, entitled AN INTRODUCTION TO 3D SCANNING, we invite you to explore and learn about the 3D scanning universe, including topics such as: The purposes of 3D scanners, How 3D scanning work, Various 3D scanner categories and their positioning methods and The applications through product lifecycle management

Dynamic Referencing in 3D Optical Metrology

This paper describes the principles of dynamic referencing for optical CMMs and demonstrates the advantages of this new functionality in terms of measurement accuracy in shop floor conditions.

Differentiation of 3D Scanners and their Positioning Method when Applied to Pipeline Integrity

In the world of 3D scanning, the right scanner depends on the application, but also on the main goal of the people who will use it. Each method has its benefits but also its trade-offs. This paper aims at helping service providers and asset owners select the most suitable 3D scanner solution for their inspection needs.

Benefits of Reverse Engineering for Ensuring Pipeline Integrity

Today, now more than ever before, mounting public concern over pipeline safety has incited many companies to turn to emerging methodologies and technologies to better monitor and assess pipeline degradation. The ultimate goal is to predict the evolution of pipeline degradation so as to deploy preventative measures in a timely fashion—before interventions become too costly and the safety of citizens is compromised.