3D Scanners: New Possibilities for Measuring Large Parts

BOMAG employees measure a large yellow component with the MetraSCAN 3D scanner.

The accuracy, mobility and flexibility of Creaform metrology equipment make it particularly suitable for measuring large components. – Source: BOMAG GmbH


Based in Boppard, Germany, BOMAG is a global manufacturer of construction machinery and a technology partner in road construction and earthwork operations. In addition to its main focus on soil and asphalt rollers, milling machines and road finishers, and manually controlled compaction technology, the company also offers a complete portfolio of stabilizers, recyclers and machines for waste compaction. Through its equipment and digitalization solutions, BOMAG facilitates the efficient and responsible expansion of road and traffic infrastructure. Founded in 1957, the company now employs more than 2,500 people.

BOMAG is an innovative company that is committed to research and development as well as production modernization. The construction equipment manufacturer has been using metrology technology with measuring devices and measuring arms for years. Recently, BOMAG’s team was searching for 3D measurement solutions to add to its portfolio that would enable uncomplicated, flexible and non-contact measurement of free-form surfaces, such as castings and plastic parts. The ideal 3D measurement solution also needed to be portable so that scanning of large components and the highest quality standards could be guaranteed.

With its MetraSCAN BLACK|Elite and HandyPROBE, Creaform offers a range of solutions that not only meet quality requirements but also flexibility, speed, high accuracy and intuitive. This led BOMAG to select Creaform’s technologies to revamp its workflows.


A team member uses the MetraSCAN 3D scanner to scan a black part that is suspended from a fixture above a metal table with holes. The blue laser beams of the scanner help to improve accuracy, reliability and repeatability.

MetraSCAN 3D and HandyPROBE impress with their intuitive usability. – Source: BOMAG GmbH


The scanner with PolyWorks Inspector software is currently used mainly for inspecting in incoming goods. The HandyPROBE has been used successfully in setting up large jigs for welding projects.

Another advantage is that through reverse engineering, data can now be used more efficiently and extensively. Thanks to the metrology equipment, the data obtained is now immediately available for analysis in digital form.

Reverse engineering also means that potential optimizations can be determined with precision and passed on directly to the right teams. This translates into a streamlined coordination process with external suppliers—all while simplifying the transfer of measurement methodology and requests for test reports and plans.

When castings are transferred between suppliers, complete measurements are taken by the quality department with the MetraSCAN 3D and HandyPROBE to develop comprehensive technical documentation. In addition, components for which no original data or CAD models were available can now be recreated through reverse engineering with Creaform 3D scanning solutions and Siemens NX; technical drawings for production can be derived from these.

Mobility, flexibility and accuracy are particularly important aspects in large components. Thanks to the large measuring radius of the MetraSCAN 3D, the entire component can be measured with precision. Bernd Braun, Quality Manager Machining, said: “The MetraSCAN BLACK|Elite opens up far-reaching possibilities for us when it comes to measuring large parts. Creaform solutions are perfectly aligned with our vision to use innovative solutions as part of our process optimization projects.”


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