Go!SCAN SPARK versus HandySCAN 3D|SILVER and BLACK Series

What is the best choice for your needs?

Recently, Creaform released a new member of the HandySCAN 3D line-up: the SILVER Series, which offers some of the best characteristics of the HandySCAN 3D patented technology, but at an accessible price. Indeed, this proven and trusted 3D scanner has been optimized to meet the needs of technology innovators and engineering professionals looking for a powerful and accessible way to improve their product development, shorten time-to-market, and reduce their development costs.

Here, we wish to guide you through the differences between the HandySCAN 3D|BLACK and SILVER Series, and the Go!SCAN SPARK 3D Scanners. This way, you’ll have a better idea of which 3D scanner is the best choice for your needs and applications.

The Go!SCAN SPARK is ideal for product development offering color and texture with its white light.


The Go!SCAN SPARK was designed to offer the fastest and easiest 3D experience to product development, design, and reverse engineering teams. With the Go!SCAN SPARK, three new avenues opened up to engineers and designers. They can develop new innovative products, with complex shapes and designs. They can gain new customers by pushing their development to a superior level. They can gain a competitive edge and accelerate the time-to-market of their new innovative products.

Go!SCAN SPARK in 3 Words: Speed, Simplicity and Efficiency


Thanks to its 99 white light stripes, which can take up to 1,500,000 measurements per second, the Go!SCAN SPARK can scan most objects in mere minutes and quickly integrate the data into your preferred reverse engineering, computed aided design, or 3D printing software.


Not only does the Go!SCAN SPARK have the ability to scan with less targets, but its geometry and texture tracking is unrivalled. With the Go!SCAN SPARK in hands, engineers and designers, who usually are non-experts in 3D scanning, simply choose between the positioning that suits them best between geometry, texture, or targets to perform their scan. Simple as that.


With its instant mesh and seamless integration to 3D modelling software, the Go!SCAN SPARK is the most efficient portable 3D scanner on the market, making the measurement workflow (from setup to real-time scans and ready-to-use files) faster than ever.

In short, the Go!SCAN SPARK is a fast and simple way for product development, design, and reverse engineering teams to measure complex surfaces quickly, scan any objects, with less targets and without part preparation, and acquire texture and color with an impressive level of detail.

3D scanning a helmet during design process with the HandySCAN SILVER

HandySCAN 3D|SILVER Series

The SILVER Series offers the best value for money to technology innovators, professionals, and business owners who need to develop products that are more suited to customer needs and inquiries, enabling them to obtain more contracts, grow their business, and achieve higher goals.

HandySCAN 3D|SILVER Series Summarized in 3 Characteristics: 

Accuracy, Proven & Trusted Technology, and Versatility


The HandySCAN 3D|SILVER Series delivers accurate and reliable 3D measurements regardless of the measurement setup quality and the user’s experience level. Featuring dynamic referencing, both the scanner and part can move freely during scanning, and an accurate and high‑quality scan can still be obtained.


The SILVER Series represents a smart purchase because of its fair price and high-quality performance. Designed and manufactured in North America and with more than 5,000 users already, this proven and trusted technology demonstrates Creaform’s prioritization of attentive service and reliability over the low pricing often associated with offshore manufacturing.


With its user-friendly interface and ergonomic design, the SILVER Series is easy to use and has a short learning curve regardless of the user’s experience or expertise level. Its versatility enables users to scan various objects no matter the part size, complexity, material, or color—all with the same device. 

In short, the SILVER Series is part of the HandySCAN 3DTM line-up, which is the industry standard in portable metrology-grade 3D scanners. Offering the best value for money, this proven and trusted patented technology enables any user to capture highly accurate and repeatable 3D measurements of any complex surface in any location.

The HandySCAN BLACK 3D scanning a shiny moto thanks to blue lasers

HandySCAN 3D|BLACK Series

The BLACK Series is the flagship product of the HandySCAN 3D line-up, which is the industry standard in  portable metrology-grade 3D scanning. It was engineered for three specific groups: Product development engineers, who are under pressure to innovate and design new products with complex shapes in order to offer better and more competitive solutions. Quality assurance and production teams, who must optimize their manufacturing process, identify and fix production and quality problems, and manage downtime. Quality control people, who must validate if the customers’ requirements have been met and confirm that the parts fulfill their purpose for the end users.



With its 30 blue laser lines, combined with high-resolution cameras and custom optical components, the HandySCAN 3D|BLACK Series can perform up to 1,800,000 measurements per second. Comparable to the Go!SCAN SPARK, this speed, which starts with the set up and goes up to the mesh generation, allows saving precious acquisition and analysis time.


The metrology-grade designation refers to the scan quality, accuracy, and measurement reliability. Certified ISO 10360 and compliant with the German standard VDI/VDE 2634 part 3, the accuracy of the HandySCAN 3D|BLACK Series is 0.025 mm (with a volumetric accuracy of 0.020 mm ± 0.015 mm/m with the Accu+ Kit). Because the resolution is quadrupled in comparison with the SILVER Series, the BLACK Series is ideal for scanning parts with a high level of detail, such as small injection plastic parts or small sheet metal parts.


In short, the HandySCAN 3D|BLACK Series is the jack-of-all-trades of 3D scanners. With its adaptative scanning area and limitless scanning volume, it can measure every part regardless of the size, shape, surface finish, and complexity. Moreover, the BLACK Series employs multiple blue lasers, making it particularly suited for measuring difficult surfaces. 




HandySCAN 3D|SILVER Series

HandySCAN 3D|BLACK Series


up to 0.050 mm

up to 0.030 mm

0.025 mm

→ Best accuracy ←

Volumetric Accuracy

0.050 mm ± 0.150 mm/m

0.020 mm ± 0.060 mm/m

0.020 mm ± 0.015 mm/m
(with the Accu+ Kit)

Measurement Resolution

0.100 mm

0.030 mm

0.025 mm

Mesh Resolution

0.200 mm

0.100 mm

0.100 mm

→ Best scan quality ←

Measurement rate


measurements / second

→ Scan most objects in mere minutes ←


measurements / second


measurements / second

Light Source

White light (99 stripes)

14 red laser lines

(+1 extra line)

→ Offer versatility ←

14 blue laser lines

(+1 extra line)

→ Offer high versatility ←

Part Size Range 

0.1 – 4m

0.1 – 4m

0.05 – 4m

choice for parts with a high level of detail

Positioning Methods

Hybrid Geometry and/or color and/or targets

→ Offer most simple scanning method ←

With targets

With targets

Scanning Area

390 x 390 mm

→ Preferred choice for large parts ←

275 x 250 mm

310 x 350 mm

Texture Resolution

50 to 200 DPI

Texture Colors: 24 bits

→ Enable realistic color acquisition and
reliable tracking ←


Instant mesh

→ Ready-to-use files ←


Up and running in less than 2 minutes

→ Quick set-up ←



Creaform’s signature ←


→ Accessible Price for small businesses ←

The Best Choice for you

Should you value speed and simplicity more than accuracy and versatility, the Go!SCAN SPARK is better suited for your needs. However, the HandySCAN 3D|BLACK Series, with its ISO 17025 accreditation, is the best choice to reach the highest accuracy and the finest level of detail to ensure full traceability of the measuring system. Nevertheless, the HandySCAN 3D|SILVER Series is a proven and trusted technology that comes with an accessible price and a high-quality performance.

The Go!SCAN SPARK is the solution for product development and reverse engineering teams who wish to accelerate the time-to-market of their new innovative products while the HandySCAN 3D|SILVER Series is the solution for professionals and business owners who need to develop better products to grow their business and achieve higher goals. Finally, the HandySCAN 3D|BLACK Series is the jack-of-all-trades of 3D scanners that can be used in every step of the product lifecycle management (PLM) process, from product development to manufacturing, quality assurance, and quality control. All three 3D scanners come with their specific features, but they offer the same portability, reliability, and attentive service, which are unique to Creaform. 


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