MetraSCAN 3D helps to create pipeline machinery improvements

Thanks to the 3D scanner, SICIM SpA can detect complex geometries from machineries and their technical designers are supported in project developments.

Woman with curly hair and a mouth mask scanning the roof of an excavator cab with the MetraSCAN 3D. The driver's cab consists mostly of glass panes, the excavator is orange.

Founded in 1962 by the Riccardi family, SICIM SpA is a world leader in engineering, procurement and construction in the Oil & Gas sector based in Busseto, Italy. The company has a fleet of over 5.500 machines that can be mobilized worldwide: thousands of machines, including pipe layers, pipe welders, excavators, bulldozers and boring machines, used to tackle the many challenges present in the projects it is involved in.

Due to the continuous acquisition of new projects, the constant challenge at SICIM is to install special attachments and various improvements on operating machines of their fleet. As a major part of them are bought on the market, Sicim’s technicians don’t have access to their technical drawings. In the past, the only viable way was to take all the machines, and measure them by hand using the traditional measuring instrumentation, such as tape measure, rulers, calipers, etc. Following that, it was necessary to reproduce the model of the entities relieved in a 3D CAD software. To change this situation, they started looking for a metrology tool that would help detect complex geometries on machines that is, at the same time, quick and easy to use, to support designers in project developments.

Compared to other technologies available on the market, Creaform offers, in addition to cutting-edge scanners, complete software solutions for processing raw scans and extracting geometries compatible with 3D CAD software.  The choice fell therefore on the MetraSCAN 3D scanner accompanied by the VXmodel software module. The implementation went smoothly, and users were able to familiarize themselves quickly with the technologies thanks to the training.

The project: Creation of new driver’s cabs with the help of 3D scanning

On some machines already operative on a construction site overseas, there was a need to replace the original damaged driver’s cab. To reduce the shipping cost, the new model had to be shipped as assembly kits and once reassembled, had to be identical to the original, no longer purchasable on the market. Technical drawings of the machine didn’t exist, but thanks to the 3D scans taken with the MetraSCAN 3D, it was possible to faithfully reproduce the original cabin.

Driver’s cabin of a brown color machine. On the lower part of the door SICIM is written in golden color and Exploded view of assembly kit of the driver’s cabin.

Original cabin and 3D scan in VXmodel and 3D CAD model and exploded view of assembly kit

Paolo Daguati, Technical Engineer at SICIM, comments: “From a technical point of view, the 3D scanner negates the need for difficult manual surveys on often complex geometries, providing more details and precision, limiting possible errors, and thus optimizing the quality of the results. “

In the future, SICIM plans to use the MetraSCAN 3D for additional projects such as updating older machines to new regulatory standards. The scanner will help to create the necessary drawings. Paolo Daguati points out: “The use of state-of-the-art solutions creates an image among customers and partners of a company that is future-oriented by investing in new technologies.”

Company logo of SICIM in dark blue

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