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Tool Testing and Adjustment – Moulds, Jigs, Frames and Presses

What the Industry Needs

When starting a new production line, for preventive maintenance operations or in case of production drifts, production tools (moulds, jigs, frames, presses, etc.) should be regularly tested and adjusted to deliver expected levels of performance.

What the Industry Needs
What the Industry Needs

Advantages of the MetraSCAN 3D Solution

With dynamic alignment functionalities, extremely reliable measurements can be taken on the shop floor. In addition, automatic alignment with the tool is possible when using just a few reflectors placed at predetermined locations on the tool. In the case of a mould, the scanner can be automatically aligned with the axis of leader pins when their location is exactly known. Therefore, the testing or adjustment phase can immediately begin without a lengthy alignment phase likely to be a source of errors.

With such advantages, the MetraSCAN 3D is very easy to use and is highly efficient in adjusting injection press moulds, testing injection or drawing moulds, or the geometry of a tire mould. As a result, adjustment or testing can be made twice as fast or more.

The density and accuracy of information generated by the optical CMM inspection scanner helps to understand causes of defect and quickly identify the best adjustments for production tools. Discrepancies between the mould and the CAD model can be accurately identified. Then required corrections can be made or the CAD mould model can be updated to duplicate it in its actual state or repair it without a new adjustment phase.

Capturing geometrical elements hard to scan can be done with the HandyPROBE included with the MetraSCAN 3D solution.

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