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HandySCAN 3D digitizer helps train the next generation of french engineers

HandySCAN 3D Digitizer

Located in the South West of France, close to both the Swiss and Italian border, the small-ish city of Grenoble is nonetheless considered a major technology and industry center. Last year, the European Commission dubbed it the “second-best most innovative city” in Europe (after Barcelona), while in 2013, Forbes placed it in the Top 5 of its “Most Innovative Places” in the world. Incidentally, it’s also where Creaform opened its French office.

It comes as no surprise then that the city hosts a very dynamic, world-class engineering school: Grenoble INP (link in French). One of the most important in the country, the university has over 5,200 students in both undergraduate and graduate programs, delivering around 1,100 engineering diplomas every year (including about 200 doctorates).

The Grenoble success can be greatly attributed to the creation of an “ecosystem,” one that revolves around the interaction between three poles: research, universities and industry. Collaboration between the big labs and their experts, and the students (of all ages!) is therefore paramount. A distinctive trait of Grenoble INP is that the university focuses on preparing the next generation of engineers, even years before they actually attend their first university class!

Having received a loaned   HandySCAN 3D unit for the school year as part of our Student Sponsorship program, the professors and engineering students  often use it in demos and workshops involving younger students interested in science and technology.

A few teaching initiatives

Recently, a few Grenoble INP students trained with the 3d scanner. HandySCAN 3D demonstrated the technology during a recent “Engineering Science Orientation” day for students in their last year of the French equivalent of high school, who are usually 17 and 18 years old.

Grenoble INP Students trained with the 3D scanner HandySCAN 3D

In another occasion, a group of school children from the French equivalent of junior high school, between 10 and 13 years old, also visited the engineering university, and were presented 3D scanning technology. Even at that young age, the kids loved handling the HandySCAN 3D scanner themselves, and creating the 3d model of a small statuette.

Demo Creaform with Students

Lastly, a class of 2nd year university students pursuing a pre-engineering Technology degree requested a demo on 3D scanning and 3D printing to the Grenoble INP team. They thoroughly enjoyed their experience, during which they used the HandySCAN 3D to digitize a small box, which they then 3d printed to store electronic devices.

In the last school year, many young promising minds thus had the chance to get their hands on our 3D technology, try it, and see how easy, quick and efficient it is. We hope the Grenoble INP students keep up the good work of communicating their passion and training future engineers!

Photo credit : Grenoble INP

Article written by Creaform

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